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As an author, Leandro Taub wrote 5 books and 25 audiobooks, among which are 'The Hidden Mind', 'Homemade Wisdom' and 'The Anarchist'. He gave more than 400 conference lectures to tens of thousands of people from Latin America, Asia and Europe. As an actor, he worked in feature films and art films, among which are 'Endless Poetry' by Alejandro Jodorowsky, 'Woodwind' by Fin Manjoo and 'An Innocent Mind Has No Fear' by Ralf Schmerberg. As an entrepreneur and economist, he co-founded an investment advisory company, a film production company, a multimedia agency and a publishing company. As an advisor, he is a counselor of highly-achieved personalities and he works actively to improve the world.

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Emprendedor | Economista | Consejero 

Escribí 5 libros y 25 audiolibros, entre los cuales se encuentran 'La Mente Oculta', 'Sabiduría Casera' y 'El Anarquista'. Hice más de 20 audiolibros (disponibles en Dí mas de 400 conferencias, presentándome ante decenas de miles de personas de Latinoamérica, Asia y Europa. Actué en largometrajes y cortometrajes, entre los cuales se encuentran 'Poesía sin fin' de Alejandro Jodorowsky, 'Woodwind' de Fin Manjoo y 'An Innocent Mind Has No Fear' de Ralf Schmerberg. Fundé una empresa de asesoría de inversiones, una productora de cine, una agencia multimedia y una editorial. Trabajé como analista de inversiones. Soy consejero de grandes personalidades y trabajo activamente para mejorar al mundo.


Quotes about Leandro's work


  • "Homemade Wisdom, common sense, truths of the soul. A book that cannot leave you indifferent and that can change the lives of everyone" Zarana (Spain)

  • "The book on the page that you open has interesting tips." Ari Paluch, Radio Uno FM 103.1 (Argentina)

  • "I recommend reading Homemade Wisdom because it is a wonderful book." Daisy May Queen, Radio Vale FM 97.5 (Argentina)

  • "More than 350 practical tools to acquire healthy habits that improve the quality of life." Newspaper La Nación (Argentina)

  • "I already read it, I tell you that it became my bedside book." Mayan Brujito, Signs of the Soul (Argentina)

  • "Do you want a full and healthy life? These tools will make you forget the stress and illnesses that this malaise suffers. You will find from simple relaxation techniques to how to control weight.” Buen Hogar Magazine (Mexico)

  • "Homemade Wisdom: simple and practical tips to build physical and mental health" Yahoo! News (Latin America)

  • "Homemade Wisdom, a compilation of tools that can help every reader to take the path to a healthy life" (Latin America)

  • "Manual of practical tools to be well with our body, our mind and our life." Hernan Garciena, Radio Universidad FM 89.1 (Argentina)

  • "The book what it does is give us some tools to connect with ourselves." Carolina Losada, Radio La Red AM 910 (Argentina)

  • "I admire your creative energy" Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chilean-French Filmmaker)

  • "Leandro Taub in 'Endless Poetry' is acting like the poet Enrique Lihn, in a great way, I was not wrong to offer him such a difficult role." Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chilean-French Filmmaker)

  • "Since I have read Leandro Taub's "Sabiduría Casera" I practice his most powerful secret" Calu Rivero (Argentine Actress)

  • "The important thing is to know that you do not have to ask, just give, and you are a great example of that: always generous, always disinterested in the best sense" Fito Paez (Argentine Musician)

  • "A pleasure to have heard you yesterday at the Picadero Theater. Interesting chat, empathy, connection. Life learning!" Viviana Canosa (Argentine Journalist)

  • "Many thanks Leandro! You made a total inspirational show" Maria Carambula (Argentine Actress)

  • "Leandro! Reading you day by day it is very rewarding. Send you a big hug!" Piru Sáez (Argentine Musician)

  • "Thanks for your talk, I felt touched. You helped me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Lorena Meritano (Colombian Actress)

  • "Thank you Leandro! I always follow you, I read you and it makes me feel well!" Nat Franzon (Argentine Journalist)

  • "Leandro Taub is, first and foremost, a master of the word: a great communicator, he could be considered a guru. But the labels do not seem to be suitable for him, with the antecedent of being a sales phenomenon with his works, and with hundreds of thousands of followers across the globe... In addition, he is a man of consultation of many powerful and international personalities whose names, of course, refuses to reveal." Marcelo Mendieta, The Communicator (Argentina)

  • "Leandro Taub is different, I was struck to see someone who lives by example, with a purpose and who with his philosophy has managed to influence, to those who read him, with values so firmly inspired by acts of conscience and dialogue with himself, that is the point which removes it from the commercial emptiness of forms and brings it closer to the real." Daniel Fajardo, Mimfo (Mexico)

  • "Leandro Taub is a seeker of wisdom, a metaphysical pilgrim who in each of his steps leaves traces that gradually transform into oceans. He has by his trade the knowledge of himself, a task that he shares with all of us through his art." Daniel Saborío, Diario Comitán (Mexico)

  • "Leandro Taub is a simple and intelligent man, with whom you can keep a friendly conversation for hours because you can always learn from his words. If you have an occasion do not hesitate to come and chat with him." Raúl Martínez-de la Casa, Homo Cultum (Spain)

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