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Thank you for coming to this part of the page and taking the time to read about my work. I've been describing a bit about my story in the different sections of the site. I may be changing one thing or the other, or adding more information. The website is alive.

Actor | Writer | Speaker
As an author, Leandro Taub wrote 5 books and did a collection of 22 audiobooks, among which are 'The Hidden Mind', 'Homemade Wisdom' and 'The Anarchist'. He gave more than 200 conference lectures to thousands of people from Latin America, Asia, and Europe. As an actor, he worked in feature films and art films, among which are 'Endless Poetry' by Alejandro Jodorowsky, 'Woodwind' by Fin Manjoo, 'An Innocent Mind Has No Fear' by Ralf Schmerberg, and he co-directed 'Externo' with his brother Jonathan Taub. He co-founded an investment advisory company, a film production company, a multimedia agency, and a publishing company. He is a counselor to great personas, and he works actively to improve the world.

Actor | Escritor | Conferencista 

Escribió 5 libros y produjo una colección de 22 audiolibros, entre los cuales se encuentran 'La Mente Oculta', 'Sabiduría Casera' y 'El Anarquista'. Dio mas de 200 conferencias, presentándose ante miles de personas de Latinoamérica, Asia y Europa. Trabajó en películas, entre las cuales se encuentran 'Poesía sin fin' de Alejandro Jodorowsky, 'Woodwind' de Fin Manjoo, 'An Innocent Mind Has No Fear' de Ralf Schmerberg, y recientemente co-dirigió el film 'Externo' junto a su hermano Jonathan Taub. Fundó una empresa de asesoría de inversiones, una productora de cine, una agencia multimedia y una editorial. Trabajó como analista de inversiones. Es consejero de grandes personalidades, y trabaja activamente para mejorar al mundo.

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