A revolutionary businessman tries to conquer the world with $2,000

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"No, this isn't The Big Short, and Margot Robbie is nowhere in sight, but I wonder what the financial world might think of this film."

Elias Savada, Film International

"Externo is a stark wake-up call of a film that has to be seen (...) Money is power, and as we watch Joseph take those first steps with just $2,000 and manipulate his way with selling apartments to make sure leaders of countries he helped get elected, thanks to his financial backing, do what they are told and more. It becomes fascinating and notably different; there won’t be a film that details such a journey and one that feels as believable as Externo does here (...) for those who stick with Externo, it becomes a masterful piece of cinema and is as unique as they come."
Scott Gilliland, Upcoming On Screen


"Political commentary meets art installation in this meditative piece from the Taub brothers."

Jack Hawkins, HeyUGuys

"The trailer for Externo was probably the most arresting compilation clip from an Indy film I’ve ever seen. If I saw it in a cinema, I would definitely have sought out the film, and for a film without studio backing for distribution, having that kind of impact is like finding a recipe for bottled lightning!
Jack Brindelli, Indy Film Library


"In Joseph, we can recognize any number of superrich entrepreneurs, media moguls, élite investors and other global movers and shakers – the people with the power to make a real difference and to change the world, but who instead always seem to be serving their own interests and ideals at everyone else’s expense. Part experimental agitprop, part Machiavellian treatise, part Mabusean saga, part conspiratorial supplement to the daily news, Externo is a beautiful, terrifying modern myth of utopian dreams and dystopian realities, constructed from true stories that are all too familiar.
Anton Bitel, Projected Figures

"Externo is highly stylised and presented in a minimal fashion. The 3.55:1 aspect ratio makes for some great shots showcasing how isolated the lead is as he rises to power. I would recommend checking this out if you get the chance, I had a great time with it. It won't be to everyone's tastes but for those of you who enjoy high concept, films will likely enjoy the ride. P.S. The opening credits are a delight."

Ross, A Genre Through Time

"Thank you for your great work, we’ve watched it on one breathe. 'Remember, remember, you’re watching the movie'. The fabric of the film is so subtle that you begin to believe in what is happening in the film is happening in real life."
Александр Иванов, International Symbolic Art Film Festival

"The stunning socio-political allegory Externo, from brothers Jonathan and Leandro Taub, captured the fest’s 'Best Film' award (MidWest WeirdFest)."


"Jonathan and Leandro Taub’s debut film Externo is a bold and subversive piece of cinema. This is the type of work that will appeal to art-house fanatics, independent film festivals and probably critics too (...) If you are a fan of more experimental films in the vein of Lars Von Trier, David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky you probably will find much to appreciate in Externo. It is a movie that is meant to be provocative and thought-inducing. "

Michael Amland, Pedestrian At Best


"I smell a future cult classic."

@Abraham (YouTube)

"Algo parecido a una masterclass envidiable para todo aquel aspirante a CEO. A estas alturas nos encontramos bajo el influjo de una visión psicodélica, donde un fin del mundo nada descabellado se gesta gracias a la voracidad de Joseph (Leandro Taub)."

José Eduardo Álvarez Flores, La farsa de sí mismo

"I could imaging being immersed in the environment of this decaying structure surrounded by lush vegetation and encountering the performers as living visual elements of a highly conceptual installation (not unlike Punchdrunk Theatre’s astoundingly good, site-specific, multi-sensory installation-promenade-performance Sleep No More based in New York – if you’ve never heard of it, look it up)."

Chris Thompson, Fake Shemp 'Good Movie Monday'

"It’s is something that will likely appeal to the arthouse crowd thanks to its somewhat experimental style – and moments such as when Joseph is playing with a pile of dirt while images are projected onto the wall feels like being taken through an art exhibit. There’s no doubt that Externo looks good, including the mesmerizing animation that ends the film."

Chloe Davies, Groovie Movie Reviews

"Externo is a unique tapestry of different artistic styles and techniques, all bound together to tell a strange and subversive story. It seems almost like a blend of Monty Python and the Cohen brothers, with a dash of Marcel Marceau thrown in to further discombobulate us."

Jack Brindelli, Indy Film Library

"Con una puesta en escena y una enorme visión artística, los directores Leandro y Jonathan Taub, nos revelan con desgarradora claridad, las intenciones y las verdaderas motivaciones que se esconden detrás de las epidemias, oleadas migratorias, y guerras que sufre el mundo, y, que amenazan nuestra existencia."

Carolina G. Guerrero, Noticine

"A true cinematic treat from Taub brothers, will surely captivate the audience with sheer force of strong concept, script, dialogues and performances. The economical, political & cultural realities couldn't have been unveiled better than this.
Uzair Anser Sheikh, Twitter

"It’s a film that subverts post-modernist aesthetics by invoking ethics. It asks the viewer to ponder the reality that hides underneath the superficial, the trivial, and the external, to ask who we are as humans, to enter into the interiority, and ponder what our actions or inactions mean in a world bent on chaos. Ultimately, we face the question, are we Creators or Destroyers?"

Emina Melonic, Splice Today

"Similar in scope to films like Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, Externo is experimental to say the least but it walks the line between honesty and cynicism while actively engaging its audience in a discussion of corruption, mankind and the power of wealth in a world obsessed by the superficial while attempting to look at what might represent the soul of humanity, if that is even possible."

George H., The Sardonic Romantic


"Externo is an unusual piece of work and offers an experience into the world of business and power and is filled with drama and tension. With great performances by Taub and Ehrlich, a beautiful score and wonderful cinematography, it is an achievement worthy of praise and recognition."

Jason Knight, UK Film Review


"This critic firmly believes that if this movie is any indication, then the world better watch out for these filmmakers." 

Paul Emmanuel Enicola, The Movie Buff

"Externo is smart, sharp, observant and artistic (...) It moves at a fantastic pace, the writing is clever and creative, and the direction is enthralling to watch, it’s wonderful to see how they use that lovely wide perspective. It’s a brilliant piece of satire, and utterly impressive how they’ve balanced such a serious topic with a free, creative, artistic atmosphere, it never ties itself down. The fact that it’s the directorial debut from the Taub brothers is almost hard to believe."

Rebecca Cherry, Film Carnage

Directors: Taub Brothers
Writer: Leandro Taub

Producers: Jonathan Taub, Leandro Taub
Stars: Leandro Taub, Elisabeth Ehrlich, Christian Bargados

Line Producer: Manouk van Kuyk
Cinematographer: Jesse Mickle, Jonas Schneider
Production Management: Zee Marla Osh
Post-Production: Alfredo Acevedo
Art Department: Ignacio Farias
Sound Department: Niklas Matthaei
Assistant Director: Benjamin De Vuyst
Edition: Leandro Taub, Jonathan Taub,
Benjamin De Vuyst, Alfredo Acevedo

Trailer Edition: David Garuchava
Colour Grading: Ana Montaño
Sound Design: Emmanuel Gayosso, Mauricio Nicoli
Foley: Niklas Matthaei
Animations: Ánfer Chávez, Sophia
Schomberg, Nikolaus Baumgarten
Graphic Design: Ánfer Chávez,
 Stephan Van Kuyk


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