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I work as an actor, filmmaker, author, public speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur.

I am Jewish, was born in Buenos Aires, and live in New York City.


Making a dwelling place for G'd in the world | Haciendo un hogar para D's en el mundo

Films / Películas

I've been working as an actor for talented directors that I admire. From time to time I also write scripts, produce, and direct.

Tengo la bendición de trabajar como actor para talentosos directores que admiro. De vez en cuando también escribo guiones, produzco y dirijo.

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Films / Películas

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Books / Libros

I love to study and share what I learn, writing books and recording audiobooks.

Me encanta estudiar y compartir lo que aprendo, escribiendo libros y grabando audiolibros.

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Libros / Books

Public Speaking / Pláticas

I enjoy sharing what I learn through talks. I give these at private events in homes, as well as in galleries, cultural centers, museums, yoga studios, bookstores, universities, and theaters.

Disfruto mucho compartir lo que aprendo a través de charlas. Estas las doy en eventos privados en casas, así como también en galerías, centros culturales, museos, estudios de yoga, librerías, universidades y teatros.

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Press / Prensa

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My work has been shared by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, blogs, news, and tv shows. I am very

grateful for the support you give me.

Mi trabajo ha sido compartido por cientos de periódicos, revistas, blogs, noticieros, y tv shows.

Estoy muy agradecido por el apoyo que me dan.

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Press / Prensa

Social Media

I have an active presence on social networks, with more

than 1 million people supporting and accompanying me.

Tengo una presencia activa en las redes sociales, con más de 1 millón de personas apoyándome y acompañándome.

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I want to touch your soul. I want to say the words and do the acts that will connect you directly with G'd and make you see Him, hear Him, and feel Him in everything around you. I want you to believe and trust.

I don't want you to be yourself. I want you to be the best possible self you can be. I want you to be better than yourself. I want you to be a G'dly person in the world, that touches souls and is able to elevate every place that visits and every person that meets. I want you to awaken all the potentials that G'd gave you and use them to elevate the portion of the world you own.

I appreciate that you are taking the time to visit my website. I hope after your time here, your day becomes better, healthier, wiser, richer, and holier.