Thank you for visiting my website.

Today is December 22, 2021. I am in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. I will go to pick up my laundry soon. I am thinking about changing some of the content of the website to inspire you and entertain you. Most important, I deeply want to touch your soul. Not in a physical sense (I don't know how to touch your soul physically). What I mean with this is that I want to say the words that will connect you directly with G'd and make you see Him, hear Him and feel Him in everything around yourself. Now. In what is happening around you. 

I don't want you to be yourself. I want you to be the best possible self you can be. I want you to be better than yourself. I want you to be extraordinary. To be a G'dly person in the world, that touches souls and is able to elevate every place that visits and every person that meets. I want you to awaken all the potentials that G'd gave you and use them to elevate the portion of the world you own. Please.

Right now the website is showing some of the work I've done during the last years, some in English, some in Spanish. Sorry if you don't understand some part of it. The changes I am thinking to make are to tell you some stories. Maybe should I start a blog? Not sure. Maybe in a Podcast or Social Media? Mmmm. Let me think about it... In the meantime, thank you so much for coming to my site. I much appreciate that you are taking the time to come here. I hope that after your visit, your day becomes better, healthier, wiser, richer, holier. Not necessarily because you have been here, but (maybe) because G'd helped us with this fabulous coincidence.

Ok, this is good for now. I have to pick up my laundry. Then I will come back home and have a delicious pasta. Gnocchis. Something very special happened some weeks ago. I had gnocchis. Long time without eating them. And when I was eating, came back the memory of having gnocchis with my parent back in Argentina. They were not eating gnocchis. I was the only one eating gnocchis. They were eating meat. But I was eating gnocchis because they were one of my favorite meals when I was a child. I felt so much pleasure! Something deep inside happened. I started to scream and jump. I was so emotional, so touched. Suddenly, I was there, with my parent, being a child, eating my gnocchis. And suddenly I was here, after many years, in NYC, eating gnocchis. Sorry, one moment please, let me take a look at this paragraph... I wrote 8 times gnocchis... no, actually 9 times with this last time... last time?.... gnocchis! Now is 10.

Ok, it is 9:26 pm, I have to go to pick up my laundry. And then I will come back to have my... gnocchis. 11 times!

Making a dwelling place
for G'd in the world

Haciendo un hogar para D's en el mundo

Films / Películas

I've been working as an actor in several productions by wonderful filmmakers. Also, I work as a screenwriter, producer, and recently director.

Estuve trabajando como actor para maravillosos directores. También como productor, guionista y, reciéntemente, como director.

Here you can find more information about these experiences: Films / Películas

Footage Feria Internacional del Libro de

Books / Libros

I've been writing books with the objective to learn and teach, and to bring G'd into the world.

Estuve escribiendo libros con el objetivo de aprender y enseñar, y traer a D's al mundo.

Aquí puedes ver más información sobre los libros / Here you can find more information about the books: Libros / Books

Public Speaking / Pláticas

I've been talking in theaters, halls, galleries, cultural centers, libraries, universities, bookstores, houses, and other special venues to bring G'd into our daily life.

Estuve hablando en teatros, salones, galerías, centros culturales, librerías, universidades, casas, y algunos otros lugares, para traer a D's a nuesto día.

Aquí puedes ver más información / Here you can find more information: Public Speaking / Pláticass


Press / Prensa


I've been talking with journalists in Broadcast Television, Cable TV, Streaming Platforms, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs, about good things.

Estuve hablando con periodistas en televisión abierta, televisión por cable, plataformas de internet, radio, periódicos, revistas, y blogs, sobre cosas buenas.

Aquí puedes ver más información / Here you can find more information: Press / Prensa

Personal Avisor / Asesor Personal

I've been helping wonderful people to improve their relationships with the other, with G'd, and with themselves. Also, I help them to receive more money.

Estuve ayudando a personas maravillosas a mejorar sus relacciones con el otro, con D's y consigo mismas. También les ayudo a ganar más dinero.

Aquí puedes ver más información / Here you can find more information: Be a Mensch / Sé un Mensch

Interview with Caracol TV - Bogota Novem

Podcast & Social Media

Bed Screenshot II.jpg

I've been posting on social media to share what I am learning.

Estuve posteando en internet para compartir lo que aprendo.

Aquí puedes ver más información / Here you can find more information: Podast / YouTube / Club del Libro / Twitter / Facebook / Spotify / Instagram / iTunesTUR